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As required by E.U Law the statement below details the use of browser cookies for all PFE web sites and web enabled applications.

The PFE website and the Vision portal may make use of “session” cookies and where used they simply track your current session through out the website and in the case of Vision is also used to validate your login to this service. These cookies are transient and are deleted once you leave the website, they only exist for the duration of your current session on the site. They should not be disabled as this would cause the site to no longer function and would most likely result in your session being locked to the main “home” or landing page (or the login page in the case of the Vision portal).

The content of the cookie we hold on your computer is a non personal random string that is used for the lookup of your session within the webserver. We do not collect ANY information from your computer other than the information you type in to the fields and forms directly and the information your browser freely offers within its own headers (such has your IP address and browser type). Once you have closed your session your browser will delete our session cookie and on your next visit a new cookie will be sent to you for the duration of that session. Session information is NOT passed to any 3rd party.

If you wish to know more about cookies and their use within PFE systems please feel free to contact the I.T. team or webmaster at

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