PFE Vision


PFE Vision

Giving our customers the ability to track their consignments from order to delivery and all the milestones in between.

It is the result of listening to and working with our customers that led to our in-house development of PFE Vision. PFE Vision is an online tool which contains an array of options from basic tracking of a consignment to detailed Purchase Order Management (POM). PFE Vision gives our customers the ability to track their consignments from order to delivery of goods and all the milestones in between.

PFE Vision has been designed so that reports can be personalised to suit each of our individual customer’s requirements. For instance, your Finance Team may wish to see different information to your Logistics Team, and your Merchandising Department may need different information to the Buying Department. All of these differing requirements are catered for through personalisation of the front-end of PFE Vision. It also offers customised exception management, personalised alerts and the ability to personalise a dashboard to suit your requirements.

PFE Vision has been developed to be simple to use, nimble and it’s available for our customers today. Like with most things, the best way of experiencing PFE Vision is to see it for yourself. Please contact us to understand how PFE Vision can help your business.

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